The P-2021 series Alpha Ionizing Blow Guns offer all the advantages of the P-2021 EOL ionizer coupled to a variety of blow-gun handles. They are ideally suited for applications ranging from general industrial static removal to the stringent requirements of Clean rooms.
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The NucleJet II combines the static removal power of the P-2035 EOL ionizer with the advantages of a hand-held air amplifier. This unit is ideally suited for static removal on large surfaces and composite materials found in boat building and RV manufacturing.
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The Neutralizer AC Auto Body Refinishing Gun incorporates the efficiency and power of an air amplifier with the proven technology of corona ionization to produce a highly effective static eliminating blow-off gun. Powered by an internal, rechargeable, lithium ion battery, it features a replaceable emitter pin to assure peak static removal performance.
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P-2021 Series Blow Guns
NucleJet II
Neutralizer AC Auto Body Gun
The Neutralizer Auto Body Gun was designed with the automotive repair shop in mind. It features a light weight, powder coated, cast aluminum handle, non-scratching Delrin OSHA tip, and the intrinsically safe Alpha ionizing cartridge.
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Neutralizer Auto Body Gun
P-2021 Series Blow Guns
NucleJet II
Neutralizer Auto Body Gun
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Neutralizer AC AutoBody Refinishing Gun