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About NRD

Building.jpgSince 1969, NRD has produced custom ionization sources for a wide array of industrial applications including life safety, chemical detection and static neutralization. Our innovative processes harness the power of Alpha and Corona ionizers and are designed and manufactured to meet our customers' precise specifications. 

At NRD, all of our products and materials are tested against the strictest industry standards. We pride ourselves on offering safe and effective solutions, with quality control that is exact and uncompromising. And if you need assistance selecting the most appropriate static control products, our experienced customer service representatives - as well as highly trained manufacturer's representatives and distributors - are available to help you. We can analyze your specific application, and offer recommendations that are designed to address your needs.

Quality Policy:
NRD as a manufacturer and producer of Sealed Radioisotope Sources has a deep and abiding commitment to the product Quality. We have an obligation to produce defect-free products, not only to satisfy the needs of our Customers, but to meet the societal needs imposed on us in handling, manufacturing and distributing products containing radioisotopes. NRD identifies any risks that may arise and mitigates where appropriate.

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 Certification # B11L1-902