NRD Static Control LLC

Ionmaster Ionization Monitor

Model 1000

The IonmasterTM Ionization Monitor is the only real-time ionization monitor that measures ion balance and equivalent charge plate monitoring discharge rates

This unique monitor measures positive and negative ion balance at the same time and offers continuous monitoring and storage of the performance of your ionization program efforts. Data is easy to download and maintain historical trends. 

Ionmaster is the only monitor that gives you the power to evaluate the real-time performance characteristics of your ionization solution - a very critical part of your manufacturing process. 




Balance range: +/- 30 V

Decay time: minimum is .5 second , upper limit is 30 seconds

Decay time refresh rate: 1 second

Ion balance: 5 V

Operating Temperature: 0-50°C

Output type: RS 485

Power Consumption: .75 watts

Rh: 60%

Sampling rate: 4000 S/s

Weight: 0.5 lb


Feature Highlights

Real-time monitoring

Constant monitoring

Intuitive controls and software

Portable or mount option

Works at a distance and in/out of airflow



Compatible with all ionizers

Saves time and money

Flexible and mobile

Offers incomparable accuracy


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