NRD Static Control LLC

Ionizing Air Fan

Model 6200HOB

The Staticmaster® 6200 HOB Ionizing Air Fan provides a wide-area, high-output stream of ionized air to neutralize static. Features include variable speed fan control, visual in-use indicator, quick-change filter elements and dual squirrel-cage blower motors. It’s designed for bench top or overhead applications. Optional Model 6300 Floor Stand is available for added positioning flexibility.

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Airflow: High speed, 100-300 CFM (L/s)

Dimensions: 14in W x 9.5in H x 16.5in L (355.6 mm x 241.3 mm x 419.1 mm)

Effective Distance: 12in – 48in (304.8 mm - 1219.2 mm)

Emitter Point: Tungsten 99.99%

Enclosure: Aluminum housing

Power Supply Input Voltage: 120 V AC

Technology: Corona

Weight: 18.2 lbs. (8.25 kg)

DECAY RATE: 0.5 seconds, fan speed high (5000 V – 500V, 20 pf plate) @ 1 foot, center

Compatible with:

Feature Highlights

Variable speed fan control

Quick-change filter elements

Dual Squirrel-Cage fan motors


Offers wide area of coverage

Ideal for benchtop or overhead applications

Easy to use

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