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NRD, LLC Announces Availability of New Corona Ionizing Bar

March 12, 2018
NRD, LLC Announces Availability of New Corona Ionizing Bar

NRD® is proud to introduce the new Staticmaster® Air Assist Bar Ionizer (Model 6110). This linear ionizer is a high frequency AC ion bar that offers high efficiency and in a compact size.

The bar uses a high frequency method to electrically charge air molecules into an abundance of positive and negative ions. As a result, compared to traditional AC methods the Air Assist Bar Ionizer generates higher, more balanced ionization for improved reliable results. Designed for industrial, technology and lab environments, the Air Assist Bar Ionizer is ideal for cleanrooms, electronic assembly, medical device assembly, printing, and packaging.

“This ionizer was designed to accommodate wide areas and performs much better than the conventional AC ionizers,” said Benedick Chanas, Area Sales Manager (Asia). “It’s perfect for static elimination on workstations, tools, and in air shower spaces and can prevent the adhesion of dust and foreign objects to products such as sheet materials, glass, and bumpers,” continued Chanas.

This new addition to the NRD Corona product line up offers a top-notch linear ionizer that is highly efficient with features including, its customizable static eliminator length and operation indicator lights. Its strong ion concentration ensures stable static eliminating performance when applied in technology and lab environments.

John Glynn II, Director of Sales, Marketing and Product Development, shared “we are excited for the release of the Air Assist Bar Ionizer. It is one of many new products that NRD will roll-out to assist our customers with providing solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and attentive to producing the best static control results.”


Colleen Clancy
Product Marketing Manager
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